We are excited that one of Sweden’s most influential tech investors are investing in the Nordic deep tech future.

With decades of experience in entrepreneurship and tech investment Anette Nordvall is a true angel investor with sharp advisory skills. She is currently invested in a multitude of companies in the tech scene, and started her entrepreneurial career in the US back in the early nineties.

After a year Nordic Innovation House and Stanford as Wallenberg Vinnova Fellow in Palo Alto, California, Anette Nordvall is easier to reach again. With the attention she’s been getting it’s no wonder though. Dagens Industri listed her as one of the top 52 most powerful [the amount of cards in a standard 52-card deck] tech investors in Sweden 2015 and 2016. Also featured in Industrial magazines and as appreciated speaker and panelist.  Anette has for the past eight years being a Competence and Capital Partner with STOAF – Stockholm Business Angels both funds. Her Venture partner involvement with Capital A Partner, US east coast based Nordic fund, has build a broader Nordic engagement. This show by co-funding NordicBAN and currently serving as Board member. Pair that with all the to-dos of being a chairwoman and partner of the digital user centric security startup Covr Security, social network platform We Don’t Have Time, deep-telecom hardware company e-Horizon and internationally scaling MVNO Junyverse amongst many other things, and you can understand why. Always easy to talk with and listen to – Nordvest is proud to invest.