Investing in early stage technology in the Nordics

The reason we invest in this area is because we can and care about the future

Nordvest Founders
Showcasing the current portfolio and a handful of exits

Nordvest Founders has participated as Venture partner with Capital A Partners/Butterfly Ventures, Finnish based VC since 2013. Together searching and shifting mindset’s and very much involved in early stage deep tech, hardware/ software innovation. The Science Venture program is an education track on how VC thinks to be able to invest in Groundbreaking innovation towards a sustainable future. The program is rolled out in Finland, Norway, and in Sweden. The Science Venture Program works closely with universities, research institutions and R&D centers. We are sharing best practises in commercialising Science and in Venture capital financing to speed up the process for research based startup growth.

The Science Venture Program is a workshop on the fundamentals of VC investing especially from the viewpoint of research based innovations. The session will explore the roadmap for university teams from research discoveries, to funding all the way to growth and exits. You’ll hear how to position your startup for best valuation and how to improve your investment readiness. Essential parts of startup funding such as investor shareholder’s agreement, founder obligations and investors privileges are covered as well. Connect with us to hear more.

Topics covered by the workshop:
– Dos and Don’ts of Venture Capital
– Science based startup growth and development
– Best practices for Technology Transfer
– Investment Readiness
– Valuation of science based startups
– Shareholder’s agreement